Digital art, Acrylic Paintings, and Traditional ink & pencil



Hello, my name is Taviana or Tavi for short. I am originally from Milwaukee, WI. Where I was born and raised. Art has always been a hobby of mine, but it wasn’t until high school where I started to look into art as a profession and passion of mine.

I attended Milwaukee High School of the Arts, where I majored in Creative Writing and Visual Arts. Graduating as a double major in 2018. Since graduating I have participated in small festivals and art collectives as a way to put myself out there and also meet new art mutuals as well.

Currently I am a freelance artist in California, where I stay with my husband and daughter. There you can see me drawing away as Frozen or Tangled plays in the background.

Untitled  - Tavi Climaco
TheLovers - Tavi Climaco
TheSacredHeartOfMyMother - Tavi Climaco.
Untitled  - Tavi Climaco
Thegirl - Tavi Climaco
Sitdown - Tavi Climaco
Settled - Tavi Climaco
Headaches - Tavi Climaco
Hairyplaces - Tavi Climaco
Elegantwoman - Tavi Climaco
Daphneinthefieldofflowers - Tavi Climaco
Bonnie - Tavi Climaco
Chestpains - Tavi Climaco
Addiction - Tavi Climaco