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Pop-Up MKE

October - December 2019

Pop-Up MKE is an accelerator pilot project hosted by Brew City Match which helps social entrepreneurs build their business in commercial corridors in Milwaukee. This program assists in reducing some of the barriers entrepreneurs face when establishing their businesses. LUNA utilized their storefront on 1037 S Cesar E Chavez Ave to host community workshops, curate a gallery space, and create shared studio space for our artists. In addition, LUNA had a retail section selling art prints, handmade items, and apparel made by Latinx artists in the collective and from others in the community. Our space was open from October -December 2019. This space gave us the power to further work within our communities and to continue to unite Latinx artists and art appreciators within Milwaukee and beyond. To get started, we were able to raise $3,000 to help us off-set the costs of opening the store and to keep all our workshops free for the public. At the end of 2 months, the retail part of our store made $7,038,72 in net sales -- and the only cut LUNA took was a small fee for artists to be in the store. We saw many of the artists who sold work in our store flourish and their small businesses are continuing to grow and prosper to this day.

Workshops & Events open + free to the public

  • ​Creating Your Own Mythology: Illustration + Writing Workshop for teens (3 sessions): 7 attendees

  • Grand Opening Event with new gallery exhibition, Superstition: Over 100 attendees, $939.95 in sales

  • Local Latinx Movie Night: 25 attendees

  • DIY Scratch Film Workshop: 6 attendees

  • Creatives of Color Mixer: 30 attendees

  • Pay-What-You-Can Dinner and Food Drive partnering with Maya Ophelia: 100 attendees

  • B&W Hoops Portrait Shoot: 20 attendees

  • Small Business Saturday + DIY Wrapping Paper Workshop: Over 150 attendees, $1583.50 in sales

  • Included on the Pop Ups that Pop Out Tour led by Neu-Life Youth: 25-30 attendees

  • Appreciation Brunch + Collage and Cardmaking Workshop: 25 attendees

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