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Photography, Painting, Multi-Media

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Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, a first generation multi-disciplinary Mexican artist. Whether through visual art, written word or photography-most of Nicole’s work reflects the exploration of her identity, experience and storytelling.

Nicole holds a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Management from Alverno College with a minor in Elective Studies and is a proud graduate of the Milwaukee High School of The Arts, and prior to her transfer to Alverno, spent years at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and Milwaukee Area Technical College studying photography. Nicole is a member of LUNA (Latinas Unidas eN Las Artes) an artist collective based in Milwaukee, WI. Her HOOPS Portrait Project is being nationally recognized and her current focus.


I was born an artist, and as I grew older, my passion for the arts became so strong that I knew it was my calling in life. The themes in my work took years to shape, but I eventually focused on the reclamation, documentation and preservation of my personal cultural experience and identity. It was important for me to document my life as a mother, as a Brown woman and as a contemporary artist. Women like myself can go unnoticed and our contributions can easily become erased in conversations and spaces. So my work acknowledges, asserts, celebrates and honors my creative voice and existence.

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