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(Latinas united through the arts)

Latinas Unidas en las Artes

LUNA is a for-profit arts business run by Latinx artists supporting all women and nonbinary artists of color. We work on a project to project basis to ensure all artists are paid equitable wages. Hire us for installations, murals, workshops, exhibition curation, public speaking and more!



LUNA supports and empowers Latinx women and nonbinary artists by creating opportunities and paying equitable wages. We work to create more representation and education about the diversity of Latinx community in our city and beyond through commissioned and collaborative projects, art exhibitions and public speaking.


LUNA envisions a more inclusive and decolonized society where artists from all cultural and racial backgrounds can flourish, be paid equitably, and are adequately represented in a myriad of arts institutions from community galleries to established institutions and museums.


Every artist that works with LUNA is committed to respecting all other artists and community members. Together we work to elevate each other’s practices, art and voices. 

LUNA rejects colorism and anti-Blackness and are committed to actively working to dismantle this within our community.

While LUNA supports cis-male Latinx artists, our collective works to support nonbinary and femme identifying Latinx artists. This is to ensure we have a safe place to converse, create and heal. 

We love and respect our LGBTQ+ siblings, and we will not tolerate transphobia or homophobia.

Citizenship is a complex issue and affects the Latinx community deeply. LUNA protects our artists and community’s privacy and safety first and foremost.

We take an adamant stand against all violence, especially police violence against our BIPOC communities.

We are not gatekeepers to anyone’s Latinx identity. The artists in our network speak different languages (predominantly English and Spanish), practice different religions and have a different relationship to Latinx culture due to the very different ways we all were raised -- all of it is welcome and celebrated in LUNA.

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