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Mixed media

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Josseline Castillo is a self-taught artist, born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Although she holds an educational degree in the culinary arts, her passion has always been in more permanent forms of visual art. Josseline began to take an interest in art at an early age, when she was gifted her first box of crayons from her parents. However, it wasn't until recently, in 2018, that she discovered and embraced fluid art. This form of art allows her creativity and emotions to really flow throughout the surface of her piece without boundaries. Her inspirations comes primarily from nature, texture, and her surroundings and upbringings. Her original, abstract pieces are rich in texture and color and give a glimpse into the Latin culture she so proudly grew up with.


My work draws influence from my daily life, struggles, and surroundings, simultaneously exploring my childhood and upbringing. I use my memories of events, people, and moments in time and visually express them in my work. From the more simple visual influences, such as a patterned shirt or how light filters through sparkling water to the more complex, layered emotions, I convey all through the gestural mark making process of abstract art.

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