Acrylic & oil painting, digital painting, animation & video, & jewelry


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Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Francheska moved to Wisconsin to study Film & Animation. She was introduced to art by her grandfather when she was very young and have experimented with many crafts growing up. Drawing, painting, jewelry, photography, film and animation. She works full time at a Paint & Sip and launched her animation business in 2020.


El artista regresa a casa y los que siguen nunca se tendran que ir. The artist returns home and the ones that follow would never have to leave. One of Francheska's biggest goals is to create spaces for artists in Puerto Rico where all of them can be succesfull in their creativity and won't have to leave home in order to do what they love. Right now her art focuses on Latinx identity and an exploration of the history and mithology of her ancestors.

Frida Cats by Che Gomez
Stop Motion Cutout by Che Gomez
Dulces Boricuas by Che Gomez
Bathroom superstitions by Che Gomez
Learning to Meditate by Che Gomez
Tears of my sun by Che Gomez
Mis Raices by Che Gomez
Frida Fest Mural by Che Gomez
joe joe drawing2 by Che Gomez
Accessing my roots by Che Gomez